900days since
the TJP Fest ended

TJP Photos

1943: With father

1945: With Cousin Josie

1952: Tim aged 10

1965: MEM and TJP

1970: Good grief, Dad

1970: Tim and boys Spring

1972: Tim football Imperial College

1981: Captain of his ship

1982: TJP after ScD ceremony

1982: With Tim Secomb

1989: Back row, left to right:  Oliver Jensen, Richard Hsu, David Halpern, Ning Wu, TJP, Tadayoshi Murata, Front row, left to right:  Joseph Gross, Timothy Secomb, Ann Baldwin

1992: With Roger Kamm at the Red Sea

1998: Beardless wonder

1998: Beardless wonder

2004-5: President of IMA

2011: Tim off to the party

1944: Tim as a baby

1946: Tim aged 4

1963: Work camp

1967: At Expo Montreal

1970: January sinister smile

1970: Tim with research student

1975: TJP Christmas

1982: Broken leg

1982: TJP ScD

1984: Visiting Caius Library

1989: With Nick, Oliver and a friend in Arizona

1991-2: With Dick Skalak in academic dress

1998: Japan (with James Moore, Marilyn Nerem, and Ross Ethier)

2007: The road to escape

2010: Gone native

2010: Gone native

2011: T-shirt